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OS/2 Downloads

Program all those extra keys on the new keyboards: (600,295 bytes)
Note: This is an older version - there is an updated version available at Hobbes

Example Rexx code to retrieve the current IP address from a Cisco 827 router and update (12,720 bytes)

DNS Example

Example DNS setup for a home network using Bind 8.x

Polarbar Java Spam Filter

A Java filter for Polarbar Mailer that matches against a file of known spammer address strings: (5,540 bytes)


Click here for my version of PowerGrab 2.6

SlickEdit macros

PL/M language support macro for SlickEdit 2007 (V12): (13,951 bytes)

PL/M language support macro for SlickEdit 2008 (V13): (14,377 bytes)

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