PowerGrab 2.6 RC1 JSW Version

This is my version of PowerGrab 2.6 RC1 (see www.cosmicwolf.com) with the fixes and changes I have added since I found a copy of the source code on Usenet. It is beta software - I do not in any way guarantee the quality as it has only had mimimal testing so far. It is also the first time I have worked on a Windows GUI program (I normally write deeply embedded code), the first time I have actually met the Windows API, MFC and Visual C++, and the first time I have worked with the full C++ language. Obviously, there is a rather steep learning curve doing all that at once!

For the JSW 2.6.1 version there are three changes from 2.6:

  1. A fix for the bug where PowerGrab fails to reconnect after a disconnection (the "Try" counter keeps incrementing) and it eventually crashes on an unhandled access violation trap.
  2. A fix for a possible problem of double calling of m_NNTP.Disconnect().
  3. A preliminary version of menu commands to allow the sizes of queued downloads to be adjusted for yEnc or UUEncoding where the poster incorrectly missed putting "yEnc" in the subject line (or put it in on a UUEncoded post). Note that the commands do work, but I have not yet learned how to build the GUI menus correctly, so adding the yEnc commands to the RMB menu on queue items has screwed up the formatting of that menu in this version. The items on that menu do still work correctly, it is just a formatting problem.

POWRGRAB.EXE PowerGrab 2.6.1 (RC1, JSW version 1)

POWER-GRAB-2002-v2_6-RC1.ZIP PowerGrab 2.6 RC1 original version

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